The other side of Rob – an apology

I thought I would just apologise on behalf of Ed Brill.

As someone focused more on pecuniary matters, such as targets, bonuses and things of that ilk, he is wont to get highly emotional when anything occurs that could impede remuneration.

I am sure that he wasn’t implying that free speech was a vexing technicality that should only be applied to anyone he agrees with and denied to anyone on “the other side”.

As you know, I take a far more cerebral approach to these things.  In addition, I am very fond of comedy, as readers of this blog will know.  I found Ed not to be quite as receptive to the medium of komodia as I had hoped, as I discovered to my cost after he initiated an investigation by the department of homeland security after I sent him this link.

Maybe Ed can be softened up by watching a few less controversial episodes of the Daily Show first.  In any case, he should be weaned off those Michael Savage podcasts.

I also have to disagree with Ed when he mentions someone has far too much time on their hands.  Considering the verbiosity of my own blog (and Ed’s), I am sure it is quite possible to rush off some well written and considered posts in a matter of minutes, then move on swiftly to the important matters at hand. 

The alacrity with which the ISO ratification of 1.x ODF is progressing is a testament to this.

 (Footnote: I can forgive Ed a little after discovering his little contretemps with Fake Steve Jobs and a brit journalist)

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