Another fact for the Burton Group

I mentioned that the Burton Group had been remiss in not stating the implicit “equally true mathematical fact that IBM plus independent members also control 70% of the votes”

Here is another fact (Sun take note).

There is no mandated limit to the size of the ODF TC and votes are on a per member, not per organization basis.

After accepting a few new members from IBM (we already have 11, compared to Sun’s 7 and Novell’s 3), who then attend 2 consecutive meetings (required to gain voting rights), the voting members could look like this, if a few non-IBM people unexpectedly did not attend 2 consecutive meetings and lost their voting rights :

IBM 355,000

Sun 1 (Co-Chair)

Others 0 

If Sun decided to play hardball, they would be outnumbered by 10:1.

We could easily outvote Sun, Microsoft and Novell combined.

Now that’s control.

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3 Comments on “Another fact for the Burton Group”

  1. Judge Dredd Says:

    Rob served you up good, fool !


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