The house inspector

In a recent post, I pondered about the value of professionals involved in buying a house and establishing the necessary information for the transaction to take place.

One slight wrinkle with the process did occur.  In my deep fascination with issues such as the title, surveying and the other minutiae, I forgot to actually engage a house inspector.

I had taken a cursory look around the house myself and it seemed completely shipshape.  As all the the other legal issues were so engrossing, I must admit that I lost focus on what I was actually doing, which was obtaining a house to live in.

So, after the joy of finalising the transaction and getting the requisite paperwork, I moved in.

That’s where the problems started.

I had not noticed that there seemed to be no shower, or even a place to put one.  There was a bathroom, but it was too small to put in a shower.  What a dreadful omission, I thought.  Well, there was nothing else for it other than to start building an extension for the shower. ( I was not to realise at the time how many years it would take!)

The next problem was the plumbing.  The seller had assured me that it was using all standard gauge plumbing, but it appeared that some of the fittings were, but others weren’t.

The other strange thing is that it used a non-standard electrical system, which although elegant, meant that I would not be able to use any of my existing appliances, since it had been engineered in such a way as to avoid any kind of interoperability with the normal electricity supply, even with a transformer.

I consoled myself with the fact that although the house was all but inhabitable, it was indubitably mine.

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