The Case for Harmonization (that IBM will vote against anyway)

In my recent post, I discussed the case for harmonization, mainly due to trying to portray a more kindly, conciliatory face in the “standards krieg” that I was enjoying so much. I have been forced to take a different tack, in light of being hung out to dry by my more business-focused IBM comrades and the work that the enemy has done in sprucing up the spec. However, as my closest friends know, for me, there are no half-victories, so you can rest assured that I will not settle for this weak “harmonization” compromise. I set out my (and IBM’s) stall some time ago on this, and as those on the Open Document Foundation know, any attempt at harmonization shall be met with swift and final retribution.  They were ejected from the odf-coven just days after their impudence. I have baited my trap, inviting this “harmonization” in my lair (the OASIS ODF TC) where I can bog them down in a morass of incompetence, bickering and politicking, so no new standard is ever ratified.  I have already been practicing for this, as you can see, by the ODF 1.1 and 1.2 specs.

You can imagine the fun of performing the technical equivalent of “harmonizing” ISO 10646 (UCS/Unicode) into ISO-646 (Ascii).  Of course, the harmonization of UCS and Unicode was one that worked, since it wasn’t like trying to bolt a Maybach body on Kia underpinnings.

If they don’t succumb to the “harmonization” gambit, then at least we have the “wine, women and hidden cameras” plan to get the NB members to toe the line at the vote, with our room of delights at the OpenForum just a corridor away from the BRM at the ICC in Geneva.

All’s fair in love and standards war.

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